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Should You Be Growing Your Own Cannabis?

Should You Be Growing Your Own Cannabis?

Home cultivation has grown in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. It is actually akin to art, to be able to grow your own cannabis. Especially if you use cannabis for medical purposes,  this is a really good idea. There are more and more states allowing people to grow their own cannabis.

Once you get your evaluation by a medical marijuana doctor, you can make your way to the garden to begin growing your own cannabis. Especially since a medical marijuana card increases your growing limit. Which means you have just a little more space to experiment with for the first time. 

In this blog, we have highlighted all the reasons you need to give growing your own cannabis a try. 

It’s Legal

I did mention it before, but I will still do it again. You are allowed to legally grow cannabis in a number of states. As long as you manage to fulfill the requirements (a.k.a MMJ card in most cases) you’re free to grow your own cannabis. 

The usual limit for growing is set at 4-6 plants, although there are certain states that allow you to grow more, provided that you have a valid reason and a grower’s license.

 Additionally, a lot of these states that allow for home cultivation also allow for providing options for people to pick up legal seeds and clones to help people take the first step in their growth journey. 

You Have Complete Control

When you grow cannabis at home, you get complete control over every aspect of the growing journey. There are plenty of ways you can grow cannabis at home in a comfortable manner. You get to test and try what works best for you. It is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. Whether you are hoping to grow cannabis organically, hydroponically, in raised beds, or in soil containers there are plenty of ways for you to adopt these methods and then inculcate them in your garden.

Having complete control is not just about the cultivation style that you choose to follow. It also gives a certain degree of safety to the grower and user. If you are someone who is paranoid about the existence of pesticides, fungicides, miticides, fertilizers, and other garden amendments in your cannabis, this is a great way to avoid that. 

It is a Great Hobby

A great part of cannabis cultivation is that it gives you more than just your medicine. It helps you develop a green thumb. You might just want to venture into territories beyond marijuana. It is commonly seen that cultivation is an addictive practice. It is tough to go back to generic buds when you actually experience the labor of your love. This means that it is not only general horticulture that you will be happy about. It will also apply to trades beyond this umbrella. 

Also growing your own food, who does not like that? You can actually see growing your own cannabis as a great step up in personal development. It is just a great skill to have with you, irrespective of whether or not you end up growing anything at all. 

You’ll Save Money

There is of course some initial cost that you will have to bear when it comes to cannabis cultivation. But trust me when I say that it for sure pays over time. The best part is that there is no set cost at which you have to start. Growing can be started at any price point at any budget. As a matter of fact the moment you have your first harvest you will understand what I am talking about. 

If you look beyond the start-up costs, you will realize that growing cannabis at home will always be cheaper than buying it from any dispensary. Especially as a medical user when you are constantly using it to manage your condition. 

As you keep growing the costs also keep driving down. It is pretty inexpensive to maintain a home grow. 

You Get to Experiment

Once you get a hang of the basics you can actually start experimenting. Crossbreeding can help you reach a strain that is smoother for your personal palette while being highly potent. Also, you need to realize that even though everyone always forgets. Cannabis is a whole plant. There are not only the buds that are great but also the stems, seeds, and leaves. 

When you have access to the whole plant you have the opportunity to experiment and come up with your seed to stem a plan that works for you. An abundant amount of marijuana will also give you the opportunity to make things like hash, concentrate, oil, wax, tinctures, cream for your skin, tea, wine, you name it. 


It is a good time to start growing your own cannabis right now. We have explained the growth cycle to you as well to help you begin. Additionally, you will be able to find abundant resources online. The cannabis community is a bustling one, and you will for sure get all the help that you need. 

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