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MMJ Garden Grove is an online telemedicine platform that provides quickest and easiest way to get the Medical Marijuana Card in Garden Grove without visiting a physical recommendation center. Part of offering our patients with the best cannabis care includes educating and guiding them on how to buy and consume cannabis to reap the maximum benefits. Our licensed doctors evaluate your medical condition and help you find the right cannabis strain and dosage to treat your condition.

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Our Mission

MMJ Garden Grove was established to help patients in need of medical marijuana have access to it legally. Our aim is to help patients with medical conditions that qualify for cannabis to buy and consume medical marijuana. We have qualified and board-certified 420 evaluation doctors in Garden Grove. All our records and evaluations are protected by HIPAA and thus your information is never shared with anybody, including the state authorities.

Get your cannabis card the same day you apply right from the comfort of your home. Our recommendation letters are legitimate and come with an embossed seal which is required by all legal dispensaries.

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