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Understanding The Terpene Limonene

Cannabis research has been growing at an incredibly fast rate. Thanks to statewide waves of legalization taking place. This research has pointed us in the direction of understanding the real depth of how cannabis works, and even now, we have barely scratched the surface.Marijuana recommendation garden grove helps understand the strain

Today we will start with the entourage effect. Unlike what people used to assume before, cannabis is a lot more beyond just CBD and THC. There is the awareness that it can get you high, relieve pain, stimulate hunger, and help you manage issues that arise from a variety of ailments. But what we know and How much there is to know, has a massive gap in the middle. 

The entourage effect is the collective effect that you feel when you consume cannabis. It is what gives marijuana “character,” according to scientists. THC, if taken in its purest form, will not be able to create any effect — just an aimless human being, roaming around, who happens to be high.

Terpenes are the organic compounds that exist in all plants which are responsible for the unique taste and smell of each plant. They occur naturally in cannabis. The easiest bare minimum way of knowing them is as simple as remembering they are the compounds that drive the whole concept of aromatherapy.  


This the terpene responsible for the way all citrus fruits smell. This is also found abundantly found in marijuana and is one of the most potent marijuana terpenes.

When used in aromatherapy, this terpene is effective in dealing with issues like stress and anxiety. Though these claims still remain unfounded, there it has shown massive potential in the areas relating to mental health.  

Most commonly experienced effects include 

  • Improvement in mood
  • Relief from anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Antifungal and antibacterial properties 
  • Aiding in heartburn and other intestinal issues
  • Spike in energy levels 

After reading all this, the obvious question that might come to your mind would, which are the strains that are high in limonene? Fret not we have that list for you 

Banana OG

This indica dominant cross of Banana and OG kush has quite a reputation. It has a creeper vibe to itself. One that makes people who overindulge move to an almost comatose state and then create feelings of intense hunger and sleepiness. For people who are suffering from pain, insomnia, and appetite loss, this is the perfect strain to indulge in.

Berry White

Another Hybrid strain this one is a real star child. It is a cross between Blueberry and White widow. It has a balanced effect, one that brings effects of relaxation along with a sense of euphoria. This is the strain to gravitate towards if you want to have a conversation or pursue a creative path.

Black Cherry Soda

Unique in its taste and appearance, Black cherry Soda stands out instantly in a crowd of cannabis strains. It has a fruity, soda-like taste along with a dark purple color. It is another famous balanced strain that provides relief without heavy sedation. Making it perfect for daytime use.

Wedding Cake 

This strain is also called Pink cookies thanks to its parents, GSC and Cherry Pie. With a rich and tangy flavor, it tastes like sweet earth and pepper. Just be a little careful as some farms tend to cultivate the strain with exorbitantly high THC content. It is also extremely in vogue as it was just named as the strain of the year by Leafly. 

Purple Hindu Kush 

This is probably the most well-known strain of the lot. It is an indica wonderland, the kind that gives a high, which provides deep relaxation and amazing pain relief. It is also easily recognizable with its dense lavender flowers interspersed with bright orange pistils and a heavy blanket of trichomes.

Limonene can be the difference between having a high that makes a difference or one that makes your symptoms worse. Marijuana recommendation garden grove will provide you with the proper guidance through your cannabis journey.

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Do You Know The Growth Cycle of Marijuana? Read And Learn

Do you want to grow your own medical marijuana? Well, for that you need to know the different stages of growth involved before you even start. You can grow your medical cannabis with a simple mmj card evaluation Garden Grove. Growing your favorite herb on your own can be a mesmerizing experience. There are responsibilities involved in every stage of the growth cycle of marijuana. So, if you are planning on growing your medical marijuana on your own, this article will help you. 

The Most Important Stages of Marijuana Growth Cycle

Marijuana is an annual plant. This means the complete growth cycle of marijuana can take up to one year. But many varieties of this beautiful herb can grow indoors within three to five months. And while you are growing it, make sure you provide your plant with a suitable environment. This can be very hard at times for first-time growers. The four stages involved in the growth cycle of marijuana are:

1. Germination

2. Seedling

3. Vegetation

4. Flowering

So, let’s discuss every stage one by one to know all about the marijuana growth cycle.


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Just like every other plant, a marijuana plant starts its growth with a seed. Get a good quality marijuana seeds for germination. Look for the dry and hard seeds that are a bit brownish in color. You can germinate these seeds in various ways. And quality is always important.

During this process, the root breaks out of the seed. The germ inside the seed makes the root. You can germinate the seeds with an old paper towel method. This method is used by home growers on a large scale. Or you can introduce the germinated seed to any other growing methods like hydroponics.

You have to be patient through this process as this can take up to five to six days to completely germinate. This mainly depends upon the variety of seeds you bought. If you have seeds of Sativa, they will take a longer time than indica seeds to germinate.


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This is the time where you have to care the most. During this stage, your plant becomes prone to disease. You have to take care of the amount of water and fertilizer you provide to your plant. Providing too much of any of these two things can hamper the growth of your plant.

Water is important for your plant, but at this stage, more than water, your plant would need light. The more the light, the better the growth of your plant. If you are growing indoors, use LED grow lights for this purpose. They are quite cheap and serve the purpose really well. With the proper amount of water and light, your plant will grow with stronger roots.


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During vegetation, your plant will grow at a rapid pace. So, you would need to provide all the nutrients required for the growth of your plant. More water and nitrogen would be required during vegetation. Again, the period of this stage also depends upon the variety of seeds you have. 


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We are in the longest stage of the growth cycle of your plant. This includes the pre-flowering stage and the flowering stage. 

The pre-flowering stage starts during shorter days when your plant will receive less light. But, you can control that indoors with LED grow lights. You will get to know whether your plants are males or females. Separate the males and females. During this period, you would need to provide a lot of water to your plant.

And at last, you will see the fully-grown buds with a pungent smell. 


Growing can be challenging but knowing what to do during the crucial stages of the growth cycle can make this process simple. Prepare in advance and have a positive attitude. And after all the hard work, enjoy your bud.

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Transdermal Patches : A Matter Of Convenience

The cannabis world has got quite a few of these hidden secrets that have only recently, with the advent of statewide legalization, come to the forefront.

Strains are evolving. When the whole process of cannabis growing began, you have the landrace ( original) strains. From there, all the strains you see in the market were developed.

As these strains became increasingly targeted for specific problems, methods of consumption also evolved to keep up with the demand for medical marijuana. 

Today if you go and get a 420 doctor evaluation Garden Grove, chances are you will be hit with an onslaught of options ranging from smoking, vaping, and so on. There are, however, a few hidden gems that get the work done without you having to smoke. 

Smoking is an effective way to get your daily dose of marijuana, but it is hardly the most convenient with all the smoke, rolling and unregulated dosage, this is all when you haven’t even talked about the torture your lungs go through.

What Are Transdermal Patches?

Around since the 2000s, transdermal patches are no different than nicotine or birth control patches. They are one of the most convenient to use. A square adhesive carries the exact amount of cannabis dosage that you could need to make it through the day.

You don’t even have to worry about inhaling or ingesting cannabis, just place a patch on your skin and you’re good to go.  

No matter what time of the day you decide to use a patch, it will slowly release the cannabis extracts into your bloodstream directly. 

Just like any other cannabis medication, there are multiple options available for the patients out there on the market. 

You can get a patch with isolated profiles or go in for one, which has an equal ratio. There are also patches which offer rare cannabinoid profile like THC-A and the much lesser-known profiles like CBN. 

The ratio you choose would have a direct impact on the effects. 

  • Relaxation
  • Reduction in Inflammation 
  • Insomnia 
  • Pain Relief 

Because of their subtlety, you can use them wherever you want without the fear of getting caught.

How Do Transdermal Patches Work 

For any patch to work effectively, the environment for cannabis on the patch should be hostile enough that they want to leave but conducive enough that they stay on and release slowly into the bloodstream. 

A patch works by a carrier into which the substance to be released it attached, and then the patch is put on the skin for the intravenous transmission of cannabis into the body. 

Since transdermal patches are designed keeping mind either to highlight the characteristics of a particular cannabinoid or to treat a particular symptom of the issue. 

Further down, there is the hope that patches can be modified according to personal needs, but until that happens, here is a list of patches and what they help treating. 

THC Patch

This targets appetite loss, pain, and muscle spasms. 

CBD Patch 

Inflammation, muscle spasms, inflammation, pain, and anxiety

THC-A Patch 

Elimination of pain without the high induced by THC 

CBN Patch 

Suppresses appetite, helps sleep. 

Why Transdermal Patches Over Other Methods

There is a unique approach that transdermal patches undertake to medicate the person. This also gives them a considerable advantage to all other ingestion methods. 

  • It releases directly into the bloodstream 
  • Due to the fact it releases into the bloodstream, there is a quick absorption rate. 
  • It is a slow time-released method, and so you don’t have to worry about the dosage
  • It is harmless as it bypasses the liver entirely and prevents the THC from metabolizing 
  • Marijuana’s adverse side effects are completely avoided as there is no spike in THC 
  • The guarantee that the cannabinoid is pure  

Transdermal patches have the ability to give the patient a targeted, fast-acting relief that they crave. More than half of the states understand this and have legalized the use of medical marijuana. Take advantage of this innovative form of consuming cannabis, and in conjecture with your doctor, figure out the best for you.   

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420 Evaluation in Garden Grove – Avoid Doing These When Using MMJ

The MMJ industry is booming by leaps and bounds – and so are the numbers of those acquiring 420 evaluation in Garden Grove. But still, there are many confusions on the usage of the drug. Like, many are curious about trying MMJ, but they feel that the drug is unsafe. 

These people will be surprised to know that consuming marijuana is significantly less hazardous than drinking alcohol. Nevertheless, being a schedule A drug, consuming cannabis, also offers some risks. In order to be more assured of your safety, here are the things that you must avoid doing – while or after ingesting medical marijuana. 


Stats says – 28% of all traffic-related deaths in the US are related to alcohol and drug-impaired driving crashes. Undeniably, driving under the influence of any drug put you and other passing by at risk of being involved in a road accident. Although marijuana-related accidents are very less in numbers as those of alcohol, the drug still offers a perceivable threat. 

Cannabis is a nervous system depressant. Consequently, it slows down your decision-making skills and standard reaction time to a situation. This impedes your ability to make a secured move when you need to react quickly in the midst of the traffic. Moreover, research shows that the probability of a fatal wreck is increased to twice when you drive a vehicle within three hours of cannabis consumption. To some of you, it might not seem to be much bothering; but would you really wish to increase those chances at all?  

Operating Equipment Or Machinery 

Like driving, you should also avoid operating any equipment or machinery under the influence of marijuana. Additionally, avoid using anything with moving mechanical parts or appliances that could cause extensive damage if left running. According to different studies and research, MMJ’s cognitive effects on memory and information processing are two-fold. 

When under the influence, the herb confines memory encoding and abbreviated short-term recall abilities. So, don’t be surprised if you forget to turn off the oven after making a snack. But yes, to avoid potentially harming yourself, restrict the use of dangerous household appliances when you’re under the influence of cannabis. Marijuana doctors also provide this guideline when you go for a 420 evaluation in Garden Grove. 



Overconsuming is one of the most common reasons for cannabis-related emergency room visits. Although many say that one can not technically overdose on cannabis, but those who have undergone acute intoxication would disagree. Unlike many other drugs, extreme cannabis intake won’t kill you. However, overdoing it beings pretty scary consequences like anxiety, extreme paranoia, and panic attacks.


Remember, some MMJ strains are highly potent. When you start your treatment, first go for a 420 evaluation in Garden Grove as your doctor will suggest you the precise amount you need to intake – as per your condition. At the initial stage, start with a lesser amount than the recommended. It will help you to assess your tolerance to the THC. Once you have a fair idea about how your body reacts to potent strains, only then you should go for ingesting higher amounts. 

High Energy Activity Such As Solo Trekking 

Some strains can lock you on the couch, whereas others make you feel full of energy. Nonetheless, it is never advised to indulge in a high energy activity such as solo trekking under the influence of the herb. Cannabis relaxes your mind with its THC ingredient, yet sometimes the high THC can result in unconsciousness. And if you are on a solo trek, such a scenario can bring a plethora of problems as there will be no one around to help you. 


Final Words 

Medical Marijuana is a miraculously therapeutic substance if used responsibly. Whenever you choose to ingest medical cannabis -make sure that you are in a safe location surrounded by people you trust. As far as you use this magical herb safely with precautions, it will continue to offer you a relaxing, rejuvenating, and healing experience!



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