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All You Need to Know About  Online MMJ Card Renewal in Garden Grove

All You Need to Know About Online MMJ Card Renewal in Garden Grove

With the increased use of medical marijuana solutions in the way of treatment of severe disorders and diseases, the use of medical marijuana cards has become a necessity more than a luxury today. This is because having a medical marijuana card in California gives the patient a lot of advantage over a recreational user. Most important aspect of a medical marijuana card is that it is given to patients who have serious health symptoms in their bodies and want to treat them with the help of marijuana.

After becoming MMJ card holders the patients also need to know everything about MMJ Card renewal as well. To understand everything about MMJ card renewals in the city of Garden Grove a lot of things need to be covered and many popular queries need to be answered. Let us go through each one.

What Is an MMJ Card Renewal?

An MMJ card renewal may be defined as the renewal of the medical marijuana card that is issued by the rightful authorities to authenticate the usage of marijuana for medical purposes for the patients. As the medical marijuana card is issued only for a year, these cards have to be resumed for further services. This aspect of renewing these cards for further use is known to be as an MMJ card renewal. Hence, it is advised for patients to start the process of renewal a month or two before the date of expiration of previous MMJ recommendations.

How to Apply for an Online MMJ Card Renewal in Garden Grove?

The process to apply for an MMJ Card renewal in Garden Grove is pretty simple. Patients need to follow 3 easy steps that will help them in getting their renewal as fast as possible.

Submit New Application

In this step, the patient will have to go to the original clinic they first got their MMJ card from. Here they will need to inform the concerned authorities about the need for renewal of their card and will then have to submit a brand new application for the same.

Interact With the MMJ Doctor

The patients after the submission of the application will then need to interact with the medical marijuana doctors at the same clinic. The main reason for this online evaluation is to find out whether the patient still requires marijuana to treat their problems beyond the expiration date or not.

Get the Renewal Approval

After interacting with the doctor, the patient will be evaluated as to whether they are even eligible for the renewal. After the eligibility has been established and verified the renewal will get approved by the doctor.

What Are the Documents Required to Renew an Online MMJ Card?

There are certain documents that are required for a patient when they go for their renewal. What are those?Let’s find out.

State-Issued Identity Card

If one has to apply for a renewal they need to present a valid identification card like their driver’s license, a passport, etc. to authenticate their identity as a citizen of the state.

Existing Cannabis Recommendation

If the patient is applying for the renewal of the card it is obvious they are in possession of an already existing cannabis recommendation. The patient needs to have that for their MMJ card renewal as well.

Medical Records

As a particular medical disorder is being treated inside the body of the individual, it makes sense for the patient to also submit the respective medical records during the renewal online consultation.


The patient should also have their recent passport-sized photograph with them, preferably taken against a white background.

Where to Apply for the Online MMJ Card Renewal?

The best place for patients to get their online medical marijuana card renewal is from the same place that they initially got their MMJ recommendations and cards from. This is because the online clinic that they initially consulted is already aware of their medical history and disorder a lot better than any new clinic would be. However, in cases that the clinic wasn’t delivering the best services it is advisable for the patients to switch and look up for other options.

We at MMJ Garden Grove, have been delivering our best services for a lot of years now and that is why our patients keep placing their implicit trust in us. With our services, you always get the benefit of doubt, to first test out and experience what the services entail and then to switch them in case you don’t find them satisfactory enough. You can apply for the MMJ renewals at our clinic easily enough too. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try and see for yourself.

When to Renew the MMJ Card?

As mentioned before, anywhere between a period of one and a half months to two months i.e 45 days to 60 days is the right time frame for you to apply for the renewal of the MMJ card. This is advised so that there is no gap that interrupts the continuous access to medical marijuana for the patients. The patients need to be vigilant enough to be in complete control at all times so that no confusion persists and they receive their renewed recommendations in time before the expiration date of their old MMJ recommendation.

Final Thoughts

The magical benefits of medical marijuana in the treatment of health disorders like chronic pain, autism and depression reiterates and doubly enforces the significance of these medical marijuana cards. Hence knowing about the renewals of these MMJ cards becomes another thing of importance for the patients to always keep in mind to lead a life which helps them make the most beneficial choices.

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