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6 Points to Remember Before Visiting a Cannabis Dispensary for The First Time

6 Points to Remember Before Visiting a Cannabis Dispensary for The First Time

A medical marijuana dispensary is the one place where patients can choose from a huge range of cannabis products and find one perfect for their health needs. But, for those who have recently qualified their 420 evaluation online or are considering applying for one, visiting a dispensary is one of the many overwhelming steps. 

A dispensary includes cabinets and showcases full of cannabis products and accessories which can confuse someone visiting there for the first time. If you have a similar doubt about yourself, this blog will give you a clear idea about how to begin. 

Always Carry Your MMJ Card

When you are visiting a cannabis dispensary, it is important to always carry your MMJ recommendation or card with you. It is important because some dispensaries serve medical patients only. So, they will allow you to buy the products only if you have a legit recommendation or medical card. 

Secondly, a medical card allows you to unlock several exclusive benefits. All qualified MMJ patients are exempted from paying sales and use tax and also get to enjoy special discounts on every purchase. Along with money savings, you will be allowed to purchase and possess up to 8 ounces of cannabis compared to 1 oz for recreational cannabis consumers. 

So, make sure to take your recommendation or card with you. If you haven’t applied already, you can apply for a consultation online and get approved within 24 hours. 

Get a Basic Idea About Medical Cannabis Delivery Methods and Products

Ignorance is one of the primary reasons why most beginners are overwhelmed by MMJ dispensaries. So, why not do a little research and get rid of the nervousness?

Start by choosing the right delivery method for yourself. Use the internet or talk around to understand different delivery methods, their pros and cons and convenience. Don’t worry if you are not able to settle on one. Visiting the dispensary and talking to professionals can clear the decision for you. 

Also take time to read about different products and brands. Read about their production processes, reviews, testing procedures, etc. to find a product that’s safe and good quality. It’s crucial to use good quality products with the right amounts of CBD, THC, terpenes and other chemicals to have a smooth first session. 

Find the Budtender

Once you reach the dispensary of your choice, your first step should be to find the budtender. These are professionals who will guide you through the dispensary and the different products they have. Show them your medical marijuana card and let them know the purpose of your visit. The budtenders have the knowledge of different products and will help you find one that will meet your needs perfectly. 

You can also use this time to clear all your doubts. Ask them as many questions as you need. Budtenders will answer them all to your satisfaction. 

Make Sure Cannabis Is Legal in The State You’re In

It’s extremely important for you to be aware of the legal laws of the state you are in before buying cannabis from a dispensary. 

In the state of California, you can use your medical card to purchase cannabis in a dispensary. The purchase limit for medical marijuana patients is capped at 8 ounces of cannabis and 2000mg of THC per packet. 

While it’s easy to visit a dispensary in CA, you may or may not be able to use your CA medical card in a dispensary of a different state. It will depend on the reciprocity laws of the state. So, make sure that you are familiar with the legal laws of the state you are in before visiting a dispensary.  

Inquire About the Payment Mode

Before you end up buying cannabis, make sure to inquire about the payment mode accepted by the dispensary. Generally, dispensaries only accept cash payments. The reason is the illegal status of cannabis. 

As per federal law, cannabis, whether medical or recreational, is a Schedule 1 drug and therefore illegal. Due to this status of cannabis, most banks avoid engaging in any retail or sale of the herb. But, it’s not always the case. So, a better option is to inquire beforehand. 

Make Sure to Ask About Returns

You must understand that cannabis dispensaries do not accept returns. If you thought that you can always return your bag of buds if you change your mind, you are mistaken. 

It is their policy not to accept any returns. However, some dispensaries may have an exchange policy. In case your product is defective or broken, you can exchange it for a new one. For instance, if your buds have a mold or the vape pen isn’t working, you may receive an exchange. But expecting a full refund is not a possibility. 

So, make sure to talk to the budtender to understand the policies before spending hundreds of dollars on cannabis. 

With these points in mind, you can visit a dispensary today and use your cannabis recommendation or card to buy your first stash easily. Don’t forget to consult a doctor for a 420 evaluation online if you haven’t already. 

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