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“Times are Changed, Weed mustn’t be a crime”:New Legislation

“Times are Changed, Weed mustn’t be a crime”:New Legislation

Here it is, the most awaited legislation of the 21st century was recently introduced in the Senate and the House.

With a catchy name, the MORE act, (The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act), if passed, will legalize marijuana in the US at the federal level.

Expunging the prior convictions and creating opportunities for the people affected by America’s war on drugs, will be critical targets.

Two Senior democrats, in both House and Senate, Jerrold Nadler and Kamala Harris are the heroes of this bill.

So, does this mean we will be able to smoke marijuana wherever we want? Is this bill the real deal? Let’s decode it out.

The Real Deal?

Real Deal

Ever since reading of the bill took place in the House and Senate, it is confusing marijuana-lovers about what it means for them?

Are they free to do the bong in public now or something?

Well, this is not the case, for now, the legislation may turn into a proper law if other legislators agree too.

Nonetheless, both Harris-Nadler claims that they want to change the federal level law for cannabis to protect immigrants.

It is a rare relief for the immigrants by any official from the United States of America from a long time.

What Harris Had To Say?

Harris, in a press release published on his website, declared that America should regulate marijuana and relief millions of natives who are in prisons in such cases.

“As cannabis becomes legal throughout the country, we have to make sure colored communities, who are impacted, disproportionally by our war on drugs to have real opportunity to take part in this booming industry,”, said Kamala Harris.

Harris also asserted that it would be a timely and essential step toward economic and racial justice.

“Times have changed weed shouldn’t be a crime” declared San Harris.

What Did Nadler Say?

Jerrold Nadler, U.S. Representative for New York’s 10th congressional district, accepted that it is still a long fight.

Even though legalization of marijuana like in the form of, Medical Marijuana Card Online California, people are still suffering.

“Despite legalization in many states, people with 420 criminal convictions are facing second class citizenship,” accepted Chairman Nadler.

New “leaf-hero” Jerrold also accepts that votes, access to education and even employment of the marijuana-related criminals is under the threat of negatively.

If you are familiar with the language of the law, you can read the full text here.

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For those who cannot, here are the takeaway points:

  1. Legalization of weed at the federal level.
  2. Expunging prior marijuana convictions
  3. Creating Opportunity Trust fund from the authorization of 5% tax on weed and its products. It is not clear whether it will include medical marijuana card Garden Grove or not.
  4. Non-discrimination protections for those who are facing denial due to marijuana offences from federal housing benefits.
  5. No deportation of immigrants for weed-related convictions.


So, this is all about the new bill. We will have to wait to see how many legislators will agree with Harris-Nadler to make it a law.

Are you excited about the law too? Let us read those feelings, flood the comments sections, ya’ll.

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