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Cheers! Louisiana Is Selling Medical Marijuana Now!

Cheers! Louisiana Is Selling Medical Marijuana Now!

After a decades-long struggle and thousands of people’s pressure, on 6th August, the southern state, Louisiana, finally sold medical marijuana.

One of two legal growers of the state, GB Sciences shipped MMJ to Capitol Wellness Solutions for the first time.

And.. history is made!

MMJ or medical marijuana, was illegal in the state till now even after the lawmakers gave the nod to it, in 2015.

Four years of the wait was worth it as per many patients from Louisiana.

With this new step that they took, Louisiana is now the first deep-southern state that has marijuana legal in its boundaries.

South, as you know, is not very welcoming of the marijuana of any kind but it quite repulsive of the same.

Who Bought It First?


Even when the South hates marijuana, they still love and respect their vets, and that’s what we saw.

The first person to buy medical marijuana is a Marine veteran who is struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder.

According to this combat veteran, who hails from Belle Chasse, he tried MMJ in California, which changed his life.

“I am happy that now I will get to buy medical marijuana in my home state now,” said the veteran.

This 41-year-old vet is the first proud customer of Capitol Wellness Solutions.

What More?

Till now, the state managed to hand out licenses to as many as nine pharmacies.

If you can put your trust in local media reports, you can expect all nine pharmacies to open this week.

Who Made It Happen?

Senator of the state, Fred Mill, who also happens to be aa pharmacist, is the one to thank for this law.

Medical marijuana law was sponsored by Mills, who according to him never thought it will take so long.

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Mills is making claims ever since this bill’s proposal that he is taking some tough calls from patients.

“They were all asking about when the medical weed will be available on the pharmacy shelves?” claimed Fred.

Medical marijuana is a famous medicine which the USA is using for cancer, seizures, and Parkinson’s disease.

On The Federal Level

On the federal level, even with the proposal of the MORE Act of 2019, marijuana, recreational or medical is still illegal.

But a little something called, Congressional Amendment bars the Justice Department of America to infer into any State’s MMJ program.

Buying marijuana is legal in more than 30 states of the United States of America now, thanks to this Congressional Amendment.

Who Can Grow?

There are only official growers in the state at the moment, the Southern University and the Louisiana State University.

Southern University’s crop faced a delay because of a dispute with the first company they handed the license to.

It is all good

People are happy, the families are so glad, they are entirely satisfied. In no time, search engines will be flooded with the search like, “online mmj license renewal.”

Which will be a magnificent sight to look at. Congratulations, Louisiana, you have done it, son!

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