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California Department of Justice Issues New “lenient 420 laws”

California Department of Justice Issues New “lenient 420 laws”

California Department of Justice recently has issued a whole new list of lenient 420 laws, to help medical marijuana patients.

West Coast since 1996 is a great sympathizer of medical and recreational marijuana. They are the first state to legalize medical marijuana in the whole United States of America.

Now, what are these laws? You would not have to read the whole governmental document, that’s why we are decoding the orders here.

What is the Market Saying?

Well, most of the dispensary owners believe that it is a good, fresh step by the governing body.

420 doctors Garden Grove, in a collective voice, believes that it will curb the black market of medical and recreational marijuana.

CEO of a famous dispensary, Glass House Group, Kyle Kazan declared that this step from the government shows that they are getting serious.

“These new guidelines show that the government is serious about ending the black-marketing of MMJ,” Kyle Kazan was of the view.

Xavier Becerra, Attorney General, was the one to announce this new 420 bible.

What Is The Pattern?

Becerra’s new directions come in five points, a summary of laws, guidelines for patients, and caregivers are the first two.

Best practices for MMJ recommendation, enforcement guidelines for local and state law agencies, and guidance for cooperatives and collectives are the rest.

The Summary

The summary talks about about the history of decriminalization of medical marijuana and proposition 215.

This section solely explains The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 how the bill hands power to patients who need medical marijuana.

Several other laws that control medical marijuana in the state are in this section too./

Guidelines for Patients and Caregivers

Guidelines for Patients and Caregivers

There are no significant changes in these instructions, permissions, or amount counts. You can still carry 8 ounces of dried cannabis.

Plant count is still standing tall at six mature ones and 12 immature ones. A qualified patient can carry more too, but only if the doctor says it is needed; i.e., the recommendation is a must.

Big Changes

There are some considerable changes in cannabis law, handing power to police personnel. Now police officials can search you even if you have under limit legal cannabis, but no card.

Other changes in the law are:

  • Officer can now review your card and can demand, physician’s name, license number, phone number, and address too.
  • If the officer believes that a patient is genuine and cannabis is under limits, s/he can let the person go.
  • On the other hand, if the officer smells something fishy, s/he can arrest the possessor, seizing marijuana too. The under arrest person will then have to prove it in the court his/her innocence.
  • Word-of-mouth recommendations will not work now if a person cannot verify it from his/her doctor.

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So, these are those new “lenient 420 laws” California Department of Justice recently issued. What do you think, would it give away police more power than they need or would it kill the black market?

How would it affect 420 evaluations in Garden Grove? Let us know in the comment section. In case you would want to read the whole thing, here it is.

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