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What’re the Top Cannabis Strains for ADHD That Work

What’re the Top Cannabis Strains for ADHD That Work

In Medical cannabis is good for promoting mental wellness. Its amazing cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) interact with the body’s ECS, thus regulating mood, memory, and various other bodily functions. This helps in treating several mental health conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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You know that to get legal access to the federally illegal drug, you need to get a medical marijuana card, Garden Grove.

But, how can you alleviate your particular symptoms with the herb?

The answer is choosing the right strain.

Read on to learn about the best strains for ADHD you should purchase with your medical cannabis card Garden Grove.

Top Cannabis Strains for ADHD Patients

Sour Diesel- It’s a sativa-dominant strain that delivers ultimate energizing effects along with reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Its roots date back to the early 1990s and is named after its diesel-like aroma. Always consult a medical marijuana doctor to get professional help regarding the dosage of this strain, as overdosing can result in opposite effects.

Sour Diesel flavors are—diesel, pungent, and earthy.

Green Crack- It’s an uplifting strain that provides you the required energy to perform the daily tasks efficiently. Green Crack is a great daytime strain and can help consumers get off stress, fatigue, and depression. In this strain, THC content is about 24%.

In addition to ADHD, it can also be useful for alleviating symptoms of PTSD, migraines, etc.

Green Crack flavors are—earthy, citrus, and sweet.

Blue Dream- Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant strain that provides ultimate relaxation and calming effects. It can help patients in managing pain, nausea, depression, etc. It’s a 60% sativa and 40% indica mixture. In this strain, the THC content is between 17-25% while CBD levels are low. Thus, consumers get the majority of the health benefits through THC.

Blue Dream flavors are—berry, blueberry, and sweet.

Cinex- It’s a hybrid strain of Cinderella 99 and Vortex, which is beneficial in stimulating creative energy. In Cinex, the THC content is about 25%, but many dispensaries sell these strains with THC levels of 23%. In 3-4 minutes of use, the consumer begins to feel strong euphoric effects. CBD content is up to 0.4%.

Cinex flavors are—earthy, citrus, and woody.

True OG- It was originally discovered in Southern California where OG means Ocean Grown. True OG delivers lasting effects along with boosting focus. It was named the Second Best Indica in the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in 2010. In this strain, THC content is between 15% and 24%.

True OG flavors are—earthy, pine, and woody.


Medical marijuana is proven helpful for improving focus & concentration and increasing energy levels in ADHD patients. It’s important to note that everyone’s condition is different, and choosing the right strain is important to alleviate the symptoms completely. Blue Dream, Green Crack, Cinex, True OG, and Sour Diesel are some of the popular strains for ADHD patients to boost focus and promote wellness.

Get a medical marijuana card online in the California, and seek professional help from a licensed doctor for choosing the right strain for your condition.

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