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The Best Cannabis Tours And Experiences in The United States

The Best Cannabis Tours And Experiences in The United States

1996 was the year when medical marijuana became legal in California. With this move, it became the first state to do so. And over the years, many other states have legalized it. Medical marijuana is now legal in 33 states. However, only 11 states have legalized recreational marijuana until now. But with the awareness about cannabis is spreading across the country, these numbers will surely increase. Cannabis can help you deal with a number of health conditions like anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and more. With a medical marijuana card California, you can easily buy your medicines. 

Marijuana has gone mainstream due to the legalization of recreational use in many states. This also made room for various cannabis-friendly restaurants and cannabis tours and experiences across the country worth traveling for. So, here are some of the best cannabis tours and experiences across the US that you should travel to.

Sushi & Joint Rolling With My 420 Tours, Denver, CO

If you ever visit Denver, get on to My 429 Tours. They offer a variety of marijuana-focused experiences that also includes a Sushi & Joint Rolling class. 

Before you enter the class, you will get a coupon that will allow you to buy two grams of weed for just $2 from a local dispensary. When entered the class, you will first learn how to hand-roll a quality joint packed with your choice of herbs that you bought. After rolling your joint, you will be asked to head outside, to the area where you can smoke up your joint that you just rolled. After smoking up, you will return back to the classroom and learn rolling sushi.

This two-hour long class is held every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in a residential space. Residential space is chosen so that you can smoke outside legally. 

Other than Sushi roll, you can also go for a cannabis-infused cooking class run by My 420 along with some different walking tours like The Blaze & Glaze Graffiti Walking Tour.

Puff, Pass And Paint, Multiple Locations

The founder of Puff, Pass, and Paint, painter Heidi Keyes is also from Denver. It was initially started as the painting classes in Colorado and gradually stretched to dozens of art-based classes and tours. You can find this in 13 cities across the country, including Washington, DC, and Boston.

These classes are also held in private places, and you have to bring your own weed with you to the class. You will also be offered a cooking class where they will teach you to make ‘budder’. Budder is basically cannabis-infused butter that is used for baking.

Cannabis-Infused City Cruise Tours, San Francisco

If you are looking for a VIP marijuana experience in San Francisco, then Cannabis-Infused City Cruise Tour by Emerald Farm is perfect for you. Visit the most popular sights and cannabis-focused tourist places in San Francisco with this tour.

It is also a superb way to meet local people while enjoying the beautiful city of San Francisco. Also, you can smoke weed. You will receive the top-shelf VIP treatment at every retail marijuana lounge you visit. Not to mention the discounts you will get on cannabis. 

Final Words

There’s just too much to enjoy with cannabis, and these tours and experiences truly justify that. It is surely the best way to spend your vacations if you are a cannabis enthusiast. However, marijuana became famous mainly because of its medical benefits. So, get your medical marijuana card California easily from a clinic to buy your medicines for the treatment for your condition.

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