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10 Interesting Facts About Terpenes That You Should Know

10 Interesting Facts About Terpenes That You Should Know

Terpene is the latest buzzword in the cannabis space. Everyone is talking about it but we’re sure there is a lot that you don’t know. Medical marijuana doctors in garden grove mention the importance of terpenes in a cannabis plant. Apart from imparting flavors, there is a lot that they do. Well, you might not be aware of the following facts about terpenes.

Terpenes Are Present Everywhere

These aromatic compounds are present in a wide variety of plants and insects. They provide a distinct aroma that differentiates each of them. From orange peels to lavender, they’re everywhere. Similarly, in cannabis plants, they impart characteristic aromas that vary from fruity to piney that is evident in the form of different strains.

Terpenes Produce a Visible Effect on The Brain

Terpenes combine with the cannabinoids to produce effects on the human brain. Their presence impacts serotonin and dopamine production influences THC absorption, and even alters moods. The dominant terpene has an impact on the kind of you high you’ll feel. For instance, the difference in linalool and myrcene is not only evident in the form of scent but also in terms of psychological and physical effects.

Terpenes Are Volatile

After harvesting, most cannabis plants are dried or cured. When this happens, terpenes transform into something known as terpenoids. If you cure them properly, it will keep all the properties intact and restore them in the original form. That’s why drying conditions play an important role in the quality of cannabis.

There is a Thing Known as Terp Wheel

Yes, you heard that right! Similar to a color wheel, the terp wheel covers different flavors a cannabis flower can impart. At its core, the wheel is composed of flavors like sweet, spicy, bitter, and sour. As you move outer from the wheel, the flavors get more distinct.

Terpenes Are Therapeutic in Nature

Most people are not aware of this but terpenes carry great therapeutic value. According to medical marijuana doctors in garden grove, terpenes are loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. Currently, there is limited laboratory testing, but as we have more research, understanding the effects of terpenes would be much easier.

Terpenes Are Now Available in a Bottle

A lot of producers can mimic the aroma of different strains and market them as bottled products. In fact, some concentrate products are even spiking their products with aftermarket terpenes. Well, in any case, the ones derived from nature should be your preference.

Strains Are Not Just About THC Content

Most people think that the THC content is of prime importance in any strain. Well, the characteristic property of any strain is not just limited to the presence of THC but other compounds also play an important role. This includes terpenes which have an impact on the therapeutic properties of cannabis.

Feed Your Terpenes

When you’re cultivating the cannabis plants, it’s important to provide them with organic feed. This is much better than artificial chemicals don’t any value to the plants. In fact, organic feed results in better flavor in flowers.


Give your plants a heavy dose of water before harvest. It helps in keeping the terpene profile intact. Chemical build-up can have a negative impact on the terpenes. So, it’s a good idea to provide your plants with an abundance of freshwater before the harvest. This can flush out any unwanted chemicals and keep your terpenes intact.

Storage Impacts The Flavor of Terpenes

Proper storage of cannabis plants is essential in restoring the flavors. Excess heat or humidity can mess things up. So, it’s important to store your cannabis plants in balanced conditions. This keeps the flavors of the terpenes intact and helps you in deriving the full spectrum of benefits.

Well, this information might have geared you up with the right information about terpenes. Before you access your favorite strains, you need to have a medical marijuana card. If it is about the expire, you should renew MMJ card on time, and extend your validity by another year.

Getting back to terpenes, with this added information you should lay more emphasis on them while choosing any strain. It can help you in using cannabis in a better way for your health.

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