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Do You Know The Growth Cycle of Marijuana? Read And Learn

Do You Know The Growth Cycle of Marijuana? Read And Learn

Do you want to grow your own medical marijuana? Well, for that you need to know the different stages of growth involved before you even start. You can grow your medical cannabis with a simple mmj card evaluation Garden Grove. Growing your favorite herb on your own can be a mesmerizing experience. There are responsibilities involved in every stage of the growth cycle of marijuana. So, if you are planning on growing your medical marijuana on your own, this article will help you. 

The Most Important Stages of Marijuana Growth Cycle

Marijuana is an annual plant. This means the complete growth cycle of marijuana can take up to one year. But many varieties of this beautiful herb can grow indoors within three to five months. And while you are growing it, make sure you provide your plant with a suitable environment. This can be very hard at times for first-time growers. The four stages involved in the growth cycle of marijuana are:

1. Germination

2. Seedling

3. Vegetation

4. Flowering

So, let’s discuss every stage one by one to know all about the marijuana growth cycle.


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Just like every other plant, a marijuana plant starts its growth with a seed. Get a good quality marijuana seeds for germination. Look for the dry and hard seeds that are a bit brownish in color. You can germinate these seeds in various ways. And quality is always important.

During this process, the root breaks out of the seed. The germ inside the seed makes the root. You can germinate the seeds with an old paper towel method. This method is used by home growers on a large scale. Or you can introduce the germinated seed to any other growing methods like hydroponics.

You have to be patient through this process as this can take up to five to six days to completely germinate. This mainly depends upon the variety of seeds you bought. If you have seeds of Sativa, they will take a longer time than indica seeds to germinate.


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This is the time where you have to care the most. During this stage, your plant becomes prone to disease. You have to take care of the amount of water and fertilizer you provide to your plant. Providing too much of any of these two things can hamper the growth of your plant.

Water is important for your plant, but at this stage, more than water, your plant would need light. The more the light, the better the growth of your plant. If you are growing indoors, use LED grow lights for this purpose. They are quite cheap and serve the purpose really well. With the proper amount of water and light, your plant will grow with stronger roots.


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During vegetation, your plant will grow at a rapid pace. So, you would need to provide all the nutrients required for the growth of your plant. More water and nitrogen would be required during vegetation. Again, the period of this stage also depends upon the variety of seeds you have. 


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We are in the longest stage of the growth cycle of your plant. This includes the pre-flowering stage and the flowering stage. 

The pre-flowering stage starts during shorter days when your plant will receive less light. But, you can control that indoors with LED grow lights. You will get to know whether your plants are males or females. Separate the males and females. During this period, you would need to provide a lot of water to your plant.

And at last, you will see the fully-grown buds with a pungent smell. 


Growing can be challenging but knowing what to do during the crucial stages of the growth cycle can make this process simple. Prepare in advance and have a positive attitude. And after all the hard work, enjoy your bud.

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