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Bob Marley’s Son Applies Licence To Open 420 Dispensary

Bob Marley’s Son Applies Licence To Open 420 Dispensary

One of the best reggae singers to ever face the surface of planet earth, Bob Marley is famous for his love for weed.

In his last days, he was a blunt advocate of marijuana. He, if you may, is the icon of marijuana in the whole world.

And his son Rohan Marley has now applied for license seeking to open a 420 dispensary in Montclair, New Jersey.

As broke American government has no other choice but to legalize drugs for making money, 420 dispensaries are in trends.

More and more people want to be in the business, as this industry is going into profits.

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Applied For 

Applied For 420 Dispensary

Rohan Marley as per local reports has applied for the medical marijuana license in Essex County.

The legend’s son is not a lone wolf in this decision. He is making moves in collaboration with Lightshade a Colorado-based dispensary.

Only four vertically integrated, five cultivation and 15 retail dispensary licenses are granted in the state only.

His Role

The destiny child Rohan can easily be the brand ambassador of the dispensary will be head of hiring.

As per media reports, if they manage to get the license, Rohan will handle the marketing of the company too.

If the word on the market is right, then junior Marley is likely to introduce his very own strain of medical marijuana.

He, in a recent interview, declared that he and his family have been advocating the usage of medical marijuana’s benefits.

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Rohan Said

“My father and my family back in Jamaica have been doing the same for 420 medicine,” said Rohan.

A father of five who lives in South Orange is set to make his debut in the business, which he will get soon.

On the other hand, the New Jersey Department of Health fogging the dense air a little more says that they do not know when the licenses will be distributed.

The Back Story

Bob Marley, legendary singer was of one of those extraordinary singers who made cannabis famous in an era when people were going crazy about heroin.

One Love singer died in 1981 was a staunch advocate of the Rastafarian faith, where they believe cannabis is spiritually essential.

But before his death, Bob found four years back in 1977, a malignant melanoma below his toenail.

If the stories are to be believed, it was a straight symptom of already-existing cancer. His doctor asked him to amputate his toe, but Marley never listened to his advice but decided to carry forward his life.

His toe was not cut for the sake of his musical career, but the nail and nail bed was amputated.

Bob carried on with his career and throughout the pain did all the musical tours. He often used marijuana to curb the pain.

We are pretty sure that marijuana medical recommendation was not a thing, and he did the recreational one.

But today we have that privilege, and MMJ is so very helpful than the recreational one.

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